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Rustic, Farmhouse StyleThe rustic, farmhouse style is a timeless one that will never look outdated. The rustic look is never form over function. It is a practical look, unashamedly back to basics, and yet always has a warm and cosy charm – the charm of fresh baked bread, honest Read more

The Life-Cycle Of Wooden Furniture Posted

The Life-Cycle Of Wooden FurntiureAll too often in the modern world, we simply acquire and discard with little thought for the energy, time and resources used over the life-cycle of all the things we have accumulated in our homes. Read more

The Bohemian Beauty Of A Pre-Loved Home Posted

The Bohemian Beauty Of A Pre-Loved HomeA home filled with hand-crafted items and pre-loved furniture that has been lovingly restored is a home that has a bohemian beauty. Bohemian interior design is all about thinking outside the box. Read more

Love-restored-Logo.pngRead about the fun we had with the team at Methilhill Childrens Community Initiative at part of #25project and Annie Sloan's 25 Project Read more

Love Restored.jpg   The little things you say and do can mean a great deal to the one you love. Make sure they feel valued and appreciated this Valentine's Day – or any day, just because. Love Restored has plenty of little bits and pieces that you can give your loved one …  Read more